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Packaging Design and Prototyping

Pro Packaging offers a full line of packaging design and prototyping services to fit your product's custom requirements for storage, protection, shipping, and retail display. We work with you to determine your needs, expectations, and ideas for the packaging of your product, taking into account security and practicality, as well as aesthetic and marketing factors. You approve each step of the way, with blank samples, die lines, computer models, and finished samples provided prior to production.

Deciding on the best packaging solution for your application is a function of your product, your production environment, your target market and your budget. We offer a full range of products and services that take all these factors into ...

Chipboard Folding Cartons and Displays

Pro Packaging produces a wide variety of chipboard folding cartons and displays. Choosing the correct packaging is vital not only for protection and storage of your product, but also in providing attractive and eye-catching presentations on the shelf in retail stores.

Chipboard is available in SBS (solid bleached sulfate), CCNB (clay coat news back), CCKB (clay coat Kraft back), or Kraft material, depending on the strength required, printing considerations, and cost. Material is available in thicknesses from 10 point to 26 point (0.010" to 0.020"), in two-point increments. SBS material provides the best printing surface, with CCKB and CCNB also adequate. Kraft material is suitable for simple graphics or no ...

Corrugated Folding Cartons and Displays

Pro Packaging produces a wide variety of corrugated folding cartons and displays. Choosing the correct packaging is vital not only for protection and storage of your product, but also in providing attractive and eye-catching presentations in retail stores.

Sturdy shipping boxes and containers, high quality floor displays, in-store shelf displays, carry-tote trays - we can provide the right kind of corrugated product for your product or application. Our packaging is made from either standard cellulose fiber, or a "green" construction made from post-industrial wood material that would otherwise have gone to waste. We offer A, B, C (the most common for standard packaging), E, and F sized fluting based on application and strength ...

Thermoformed Plastic Blisters, Clamshells, Trays and Displays

Pro Packaging produces a wide variety of thermoformed plastic products, from plastic blisters to clamshells, plastic trays, and plastic displays to promote and protect your products. The thermoforming process allows for packages to be created in virtually any shape or size to perfectly fit your product. Thermoformed plastic packaging provides excellent visibility for your product, combined with strong protective qualities.

A mold will be created from your product, and thermoplastic sheet or film will be heated. Once heated to the appropriate temperature, the sheet will be stretched and held tight with a vacuum, until it has cooled and hardened in the desired shape. Packaging can be created either in a clamshell format (two ...

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pro Packaging produces a wide variety of pressure sensitive labels, with a number of printing options to best represent your product. Six-color printing and 10-color printing (or less) is available, single or double-sided, in widths up to 18". Printing methods include flexographic, letterpress, embossing, and flatbed hot stamping. Additional options include custom ink matching, custom die cutting, specialty inks, pattern adhesive, redeemable coupon printing, consecutive numbering, expanded content labels, tags, scratch off game pieces, and magnets.

We can assist you in all stages of the process, including design, prepress, production, and fulfillment. We connect with you at all stages to ensure that your precise specifications ...

Track & Trace Anti-Counterfeiting Applications & Compliance Consulting (RFID Tags/Labels & Equipment)

Pro Packaging is a provider of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, devices, and readers. The wide range of uses for these versatile and low-profile tags includes inventory tracking (for instance, in large warehouses with thousand of parts), theft surveillance (in retail and production environments), counterfeiting track-and-trace capabilities, or any combination of those uses. For example, hospitality clients use RFID to track linen in their hotels; the U.S. government requires the use of RFID tags to keep track of all Department of Defense parts; Pharmaceutical companies use RFID for anti-counterfeiting actions. We work with you closely to ensure that all compliance requirements are met, both from internal processing applications ...

Sustainable "Green" Packaging Options

In addition to our standard packaging products and options, we also have extensive options for sustainable green packaging solutions. We can offer different, more environmentally friendly recyclable materials, as well as less obvious options like different types of construction designed to use less material, decreased packaging weight, and higher efficiency for less waste.

Material and construction alternatives are available for traditional plastic packaging items, as well as for corrugated boxes and packages. Recycled paperboard is available, which has similar surface characteristics to traditional corrugated material, or chipboard, which allows for any kind of printing, UV coating, stamping, and embossing. We also have access ...
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