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Track & Trace Anti-Counterfeiting Applications & Compliance Consulting (RFID Tags/Labels & Equipment)

Pro Packaging is a provider of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, devices, and readers. The wide range of uses for these versatile and low-profile tags includes inventory tracking (for instance, in large warehouses with thousand of parts), theft surveillance (in retail and production environments), counterfeiting track-and-trace capabilities, or any combination of those uses. For example, hospitality clients use RFID to track linen in their hotels; the U.S. government requires the use of RFID tags to keep track of all Department of Defense parts; Pharmaceutical companies use RFID for anti-counterfeiting actions. We work with you closely to ensure that all compliance requirements are met, both from internal processing applications and external implementations. You can control your inventory; you can monitor product movement during production and throughout your supply chain. We can make this happen for you.

Once in place, RFID tags can be used for smart inventory management, where pallets in the warehouse send signals to tell you when they are getting low on products or parts, and when a reorder is needed. They can even be set to trigger an automatic order to a supplier. Some retailers have "smart shelves" that keep track of units on the retail floor and, when low, alert the staff to re-stock. We can also implement covert insertion of RFID tags into your product lines, providing absolute proof of authenticity and tracking of any diversion or counterfeiting activities throughout the supply chain.


RFID Applications/Uses

Counterfeiting track-and-trace
Inventory management

Inventory tracking

Retail stock management

Theft prevention

Industries Served

Consumer goods

Life sciences





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