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Thermoformed Plastic Blisters, Clamshells, Trays and Displays

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Pro Packaging produces a wide variety of thermoformed plastic products, from plastic blisters to clamshells, plastic trays, and plastic displays to promote and protect your products. The thermoforming process allows for packages to be created in virtually any shape or size to perfectly fit your product. Thermoformed plastic packaging provides excellent visibility for your product, combined with strong protective qualities.

A mold will be created from your product, and thermoplastic sheet or film will be heated. Once heated to the appropriate temperature, the sheet will be stretched and held tight with a vacuum, until it has cooled and hardened in the desired shape. Packaging can be created either in a clamshell format (two halves with a hinge) or a blister pack (one thermoformed piece, with a cardboard or paper backing). In addition to our custom capabilities, stock packaging is also available, and pieces can be designed with hang holes or to stand freely.

Complete design services are available, and thermoformed packages can be customized as much as you require. Clean Room facilities are available for medical/sterile product packaging. We also offer printing services for backing/face cards.

In addition to our custom plastic packaging capabilities, we can fulfill your order using stock products. Once we determine your requirements, our team will work with you to determine the most efficient and cost-effective way of meeting your needs. We also offer full contract packaging services if required. We can handle not only the design and structure of your packaging, but also the insertion of your products into their individual packages and multi-pack shipping cases, as well as shipping them. Sales and marketing consultation is also available, using our sales contacts to help get your product into the proper distribution channels for the marketplace.

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Thermoformed Packaging Types

Plastic Materials

Closure Options

Industries Served

Product Applications

Software Used

Thermoformed Plastic Blisters, Clamshells, Trays and Displays Custom Blister
Custom Clamshell

Display Tray

Food Container

Stock Blister

Stock Clamshell



Sealed closure

Snap closure
Automobile Part Manufacturers





Catheter packaging
Cellphone accessory packaging

Circuit board packaging

Club packaging

Computer peripheral packaging

Consumer goods packaging

Electronic device packaging

Home improvement packaging

Industrial transport trays

Lab kit packaging

Limited-time food packaging

Mass merchant packaging

Material handling trays

Medical device/sterile packaging

Memory module packaging

Point-of-purchase components

Specialty food packaging

Static control packaging

Syringe packaging

Telecommunications packaging


·  Clam Pack - Audio Cable

·  Clamshell - Mouse

·  Clamshell - Aroma

·  Tray Insert -Breath Sleeve (a)

·  Tray Insert - Breath Sleeve (b)

·  Clam Pack - Ear Bud

·  Tray Insert - Woody Car

·  Tri-Fold Clamshell - Water Filter

·  Clamshell - Mouse (Stand Up)

·  Clamshell - Cable

·  Clamshell - Comb

·  Clamshell - Connectors Ends

·  Clamshell - Cables

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